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“John Cann has performed some of the most dangerous stunts on “Walker Texas Ranger” and has performed them flawlessly. His attention to detail and commitment to safety are second to none. His contributions as a stunt coordinator and stunt performer for Actionfest 2010, 2011, and 2012 were invaluable to making the film festival experience safe and action-packed. I would recommend Mr. Cann and Action P.A.C Stunts without hesitation."

Aaron Norris - Writer/Director/Producer, Norris Brother Productions

“John Cann is an outstanding stunt performer and stunt coordinator. I have hired him for three feature films (“Exit Speed “, “A Haunting at The Beacon” and “Infiltrators”) and he did an excellent job every time. He is easy to work with, produces high quality results, creates stunning performances safely, and has a cheerful personality. He also is dedicated to training and teaching those coming up the ladder behind him. We hope to have the opportunity to work with John again and again.”

Sally Helppie - President/Executive Producer, Sabbatical Pictures, LLC, Advocate Pictures, L.L.C.

"John has performed and coordinated stunts for us on three pictures now; “Exit Speed”, “A Haunting at the Beacon” for Sabbatical Films and we recently completed principal photography on Advocate Pictures, LLC’s feature film, “Infiltrators”. This letter is to recognize John Cann’s contributions as a stunt coordinator, stunt performer and actor. We can always count on John to give an excellent performance while being mindful of the need for safety. In addition, we really appreciated his positive and professional attitude throughout the shoot on “Exit Speed” especially during very difficult weather conditions.”

Michael Stokes - Writer/Director/Producer, Sabbatical Pictures, LLC, Advocate Pictures, L.L.C.


"We recently had the pleasure of working with John Cann on ‘The Last Ride” and his work was impeccable. He gave us everything we needed and then some. His concern for actor safety was top notch and his fight scene choreography was amazing."

Harry Thomason – Writer/Director/Producer, Mozark Productions

“I have had the opportunity to train under John Cann in stunts for almost 12 years. John’s God given talent, expertise, and knowledge is far beyond what anyone can imagine. He has trained me in high falls, fight choreography/techniques for film and stage, Air Ram, trampoline work, Ratchet, how to fall safely, car stunts and many other skills that have benefited me in my stunt career. Along with the stunt training, he has also taught me the importance of safety which is number one to John. Over the years, I have watched John train a group of stuntmen and woman that have moved forward with their careers in the film industry. I have had the opportunity to perform stunts on Chase, The Good Guys, and Exit Speed. I owe my success to John and I will never be able to repay him for what he has taught me. On top of his talent, he has integrity, honesty and passion that shines through and through.”

Christi Baker -Stunt Woman, SAG/ AFTRA

Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity 
“I was very happy with John's work. He has always done a great job for me. Very dependable and reliable.”

Wally Crowder - Stunt Coordinator/Second Unit Director

“John is the premier stunt expert, in my opinion, and I always go to him first when I need a stunt coordinator, exotic stunt, or recommendation. Additionally, John is the "go to" guy for your equipment needs. And, let's not forget his focus on training and safety.”

Barbara Bratton - Business Affairs Consultant, Independent (business partner)

Top Qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity
“John and I go way back and to say I trust him with my life is an understatement, because I have. In our line of work, you have to be 100% trusting in your fellow workers. I am 100% trusting in John. He and I have worked together on many occasions, with every one of them having the same outcome, a successful and safe film shoot. John is talented, creative, and most importantly a friend.”

Chuck Borden - Stuntman/Stunt Coordinator/Second Unit Director

“I have worked with John Cann and Action P.A.C. Stunts on several occasions over the years. John is very much safety oriented and professional in any project task assigned to his Action P.A.C. company. His ability to understand common sense and physics of stuntwork and special effects make him a valuable asset to any production. I consider John to be a close personal friend, associate and an outstanding credit and resource to the motion picture industry.”

Gary Rittenhouse - Special Effects/Pyro Technician

“John is an extremely talented and interesting individual. His knowledge of the industry and his handson approach to developing solutions guarantees total effectiveness in his products. Well recommended!!!!”

Dion Casto - COO/CTO, RAPID Tooling Inc.

 “I have had the pleasure of working with John on several projects and have found his attention to detail, safety and quality to be the benchmark in the Stunt Business.”

Vance Boyd - Stunt Performer SAG/AFTRA

“I have worked with John on several occasions and for many years on the CBS television series, "Walker, Texas Ranger". He is one of the most professional persons I have ever worked with and safety for those around him is always his top priority.”

Jim Helms - Stunt Pilot/Stuntman, Amadea Productions SAG/AFTRA

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
“John and his team provided a powerful and unique experience for our movie making summer camps for the past 4 years by presenting a fun and informative stunt workshop there. From safety to creativity, the workshops, and John's expert presentation of them were top-drawer.” 

Keith Randal Duncan - Mentor/instructor, The Movie Institute - Producer/ Director, Think Tank Entertainment